Ending Nuclear Weapons Before They End Us: Opportunities Under the Biden Administration to Take Action

Please join us on March 4, 2021 for a virtual policy briefing and workshop series to call on the Biden administration to prioritize the complete elimination of nuclear weapons. The event is convened by Back from the Brink (BftB) and the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) with support from many partner organizations. The virtual event will feature an …

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International Day of Peace 2020

The International Day of Peace was first celebrated in 1982, and is recognized by many nations and organizations with events all over the world every September 21st, including day-long pauses in wars that reveal how easy it would be to have year-long or forever-long pauses in wars.

Foreign Policy Social

Come join members of the Foreign Policy Alliance to discuss concerns developments and opinions related to U.S. foreign policy, militarism and endless war, including, but not limited to: recent developments with regard to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries we are militarily involved with, the bloated Pentagon and military budget, the nuclear threat, and positions and likely actions of the Democratic presidential candidates and/or the Trump Administration in the years ahead.

Foreign Policy Social

Come gather for coffee, tea, and great food options while we discuss what’s on your mind with regard to recent foreign policy developments and concerns. 

Foreign Policy Social

Gather with Foreign Policy Alliance to discuss recent developments and any matters of concern related to militarism and foreign policy.

10th Annual Muslim-Jewish Roundtable

This is our 10th year of coordinating a Muslim Jewish Christmas, an event where members of the Muslim community and members of the Jewish community get together. This year, there will be two simultaneous Muslim-Jewish Christmas Events in Houston with several more Muslim and Jewish organizations participating.

The theme for this year is “Standing Up for One Another.” As division and hatred become more common in our communities, honest conversation is something that we must do. As both of our communities are at the receiving end of hate, it’s important for us to come together to better understand one another.

The goal of this event has always been very simple – to come together on a day when we don’t have any other commitments and talk about our similarities and differences surrounding a specific theme.

Ghosts of Sugar Land

Ghosts of Sugar Land examines the radicalization of a young American Muslim. Through interviews with his friends, the documentary tells the story of “Mark,” who converted to Islam before college and became radicalized shortly thereafter. A number of years ago, through Facebook posts, “Mark” stated that he crossed over from Turkey to the “Islamic State.” His friends from Sugar Land, Texas—all masked to protect their identities—hypothesize about what may have happened that led their friend to join ISIS. Ghosts of Sugar Land won the Nonfiction Jury Award for Short Film at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Mennonite Sale for World Peace

A celebration of the handmade and the unique, the practical and the beautiful, the Peace Sale takes tradition and gives it a few modern touches. Buy handmade treasures; bid on a quilt during the live auction; browse Ten Thousand Villages; drink Fair Trade coffee; feast on freshly prepared food, take home a shoo-fly pie – and know that you’re supporting peace and justice at home and abroad.

The Mennonite Sale for World Peace is a sale and auction in the tradition of Mennonite Relief Sales held annually across the United States and Canada.

The Earth Charter & Lutheran Social Statements

Join Lisa Brenskelle, head of the Lutherans Restoring Creation Team for the Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), for a talk on the Earth Charter.  The ELCA voted to endorse the Earth Charter at its national assembly in August. The Earth Charter, while a completely secular document, is an ethical framework for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful society. As such, it’s precepts have much in common with Christian social teaching, and indeed, with the social teaching of many faiths. This first half of this talk will cover the Earth Charter, its origins & principles, as well as materials available from the Earth Charter Initiative. The second half of the talk will explain the relationship between Earth Charter principles & Christian social teaching, using the social statements of the ELCA as a basis

Peace & Wellness Retreat

Holistic wellness retreat focuses on Nutrition, yoga, mindfulness and sustainability. Lecture presentations, break-out sessions, cooking demo, and plant based lunch are included in this full day retreat.