Contemplation & Sound: Hindu Tradition

Join the Rothko Chapel for a livestream meditation in the Hindu tradition, led by Dr. Hansa Medley and representatives of International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) of Houston. In this traditional Vedic or Hindu meditation we will vibrate sacred sound in the form of mantras accompanied by musical instruments. Register to receive the livestream link.

Peace & Wellness Retreat

Holistic wellness retreat focuses on Nutrition, yoga, mindfulness and sustainability. Lecture presentations, break-out sessions, cooking demo, and plant based lunch are included in this full day retreat.

Compassion Workshop with Dr. Will Tuttle

Author of World Peace Diet and internationally acclaimed speaker, Dr. Will Tuttle will conduct a workshop on veganism and spirituality at OSO Yoga on Mar. 23rd. Optional yoga class from 9-9:50 AM, followed by workshop from 10-12 Noon. Optional lunch with Dr. Tuttle afterwards.

Peaceful Planet Foundation Wellness Retreat

Day Retreat focused on educating the community on plant based nutrition and mindfulness. The event will feature yoga classes featuring different styles of yoga, introduction to different types of meditation and nutrition talks which discuss the benefits of plant based nutrition. Plant based lunch is included in the price of attending the retreat. The retreat will also feature cooking demonstrations on preparing plant based meals.