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Following are recent articles from and about Latin America, about news that is often ignored by the mainstream media in the US.

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ACI-Participa published its 2020 human rights report called “Honduras,
Destruction, Death and Corruption
” and in which they documented among
other things 15 assassinations of human rights defenders.

Court rejects appeal by the defense of David Castillo, employee of the
Atala and co-author of the crime of #BertaCáceres, action taken to
further delay the trial against him.  We are awaiting a new date for the
evidentiary hearing”.

MADJ tells the story of how water became a private good in Honduras and
how this has to change again. “Water for life, not for trade

More and more money is flowing to the JOH regime (see also yesterday).
Spain now also announced 70 million Euros for the reconstruction of
Honduras after the two hurricanes.

An alliance of civil society organizations demanded that the National
Congress discuss the ruling on the proposed General Budget of the
Republic for 2021 in a face-to-face session, with three debates
transmitted in real time by social networks to ensure that it complies
with the entire legislative sanctioning process.” (See also yesterday)

The Honduran economy will shrink by 9.5% this year according to the
Central Bank.

301 new COVID-19 cases, 114’943 in total. 12 more Hondurans died, 3001
have officially died so far.

Another blow to the fight against corruption in Honduras. Based on the
controversial new Penal Code (as predicted by civil society), 14 accused
former IHSS director were absolved.
The MP will challenge this.

CESPAD published an analysis on how the rulings in the Patuca III
corruption case have to be interpreted
. “For UFERCO, the irregularities
committed by those involved in the case were clear, which is why it
presented the evidence it claims showed how the defendants were part of
a corruption network that defrauded the State by using the Special Unit
for Renewable Energy Projects (UEPER) of the National Electric Energy
Company (ENEE). However, this case shows that the assessment and
interpretation made by judges can play an important role in letting many
people involved in corruption cases go free.”

Criterio published an overview of congresswomen accused of corruption.

The JOH regime once again announced that a United Nations Office on
Drugs and Crime (UNODC) will be installed in Honduras
. The memorandum of understanding has already been signed one year ago. Now, it seems that
they may start their work next month.

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