Earth Day Barter Fair

Live Oak Friends Meeting House 1318 W. 26th, Houston, TX, United States

A Barter Fair provides an opportunity to trade objects and services without using common currency. The Quaker testimonies of Simplicity, Community and Stewardship encourage Friends to find creative ways to care for the earth and each other, and we want to extend this opportunity to others in the community. Creating a space to practice thinking together in a new way about how we place value on objects and services within our community seems like a worthwhile way to observe the 49th anniversary of Earth Day.

To get involved, just come! Bring a table, shelf, rug or blanket to display your goods or a sign that describes your service(s). CHILDREN ARE WELCOME! Children are often the best models of how this can work. They have the ability to add value to an item by describing potential uses, and the creativity to negotiate three-way trades.

There will be a designated area for “free” items that you are willing to give to whomever wants them. Visitors may then use such items to barter and trade with if they wish. At the end of the day all items remaining at the “Free Table” will be donated to the Women’s Center.



This is a 5 part series Workshop (total 12 hours) based on Nonviolent Communication, the world acclaimed practice changing lives;  offered in West Houston (77077) beginning on Sunday, May 20.   Time each date: 2 to 4:15pm If you want a brief, FREE introduction, Come on MAY 20 or JUNE 3 at 1:00 pm.  The topics each day will be Choose Self-Compassion, Choose Empathy,  6/17 Transforming Anger into Compassion, 7/1 Choose Honesty, and 7/15 Putting It All Together.  This will be the last public workshop by Bren in 2018. Extremely important to PRE-REGISTER for free intro or workshop.


Stories of Survival / Historias de Supervivencia – Houston

NuWaters Co-op 2320 Elgin St, Houston, TX

Join us in Houston for the first stop of Stories of Survival Tour. From the the Gulf South to Puerto Rico Stories of Survival will bring community together to learn, deepen connections, and share stories about community-centered solutions and strategies for survival in the face of climate change. Coinciding with observances of the devastating disasters during hurricane season that continually impact our home places, the tour will include FREE solar-powered “Cine Solar” film screenings, community dinners, storytelling, collective visioning, and other unique artistic and cultural offerings.


Nonviolent Communication Day-Long Workshop

Country home outside of Brenham

Building Solid Relationships: At Home, Work, School, Anywhere! is the title of this Nonviolent Communication event facilitated by CNVC Certified Trainer, Bren Hardt, long-time member of HPJC.  Staying present and grounded with skills to manage one's emotions, speaking with authenticity, clarity and in a connecting (rather than disconnecting) way, and listening with curiosity for both content and meaning are the skills of NVC - Nonviolent Communication.  NVC is a globally respected communication set of skills that is serving leaders around the world to be more effective and to build a culture of peace.