Peacemaker Awards

HPJC’s Peacemaker Awards Dinner is an annual celebration honoring local Houston leaders and national voices for peace and justice.

2020 Peacemaker Award:
Sharon Watts
Local Honorees: Martina Grifaldo, Meals on Wheels Houston, Moms Demand Action

2019 Peacemaker Award:
Roxanne Dunbar-Otiz
Local Honorees: Undies for Everyone, Judge Lina Hidalgo and Egberto Willies

2018 Peacemaker Award: Chuck Collins
Local Honorees: Dr. Gerald Horne, United We Dream (HTX Chapter) and the Children’s Prison Arts Project

2017 Peacemaker Award: Chief Arvol Looking Horse
Local Honorees: Diane Wilson, Jacquelyn Battise, and the Texas Organizing Project (TOP)

2016 Peacemaker Award: Sonia Nazario
Local Honorees: Ashton Woods, Jackie Young, and Bren Hardt

2015 Peacemaker Award: Chris Hedges
Local Honorees: Benjamin Craft-Rendon, Yudith Nieto, and the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition

2014 Peacemaker Award: Medea Benjamin
Local Honorees: Dr. Robert Bullard, the Station Museum of Contemporary Art and “5 Dynamic Young Latinas” Jannell Robles, Maria Xiquin-Espinosa, Dayana Gomez Mendoza, Acuña-Arreaza & Silvia Chicas

2013 Peacemaker Award: Dennis Kucinich
Local Honorees: Francisco (Pancho) Arguelles, Christine Kovic, Lisa Falkenberg, and Mustafaa Carroll

2012 Peacemaker Award: Bryan Stevenson
Local Honorees: Margaret Nosek, PhD., Ovide Duncantell, and “Justice for Janitors” (Alice McGee/Adriana Vasquez)

2011 Peacemaker Award: Jim Hightower
Local Honorees: Johnny Mata, Center for the Healing Racism, and Food Not Bombs

2010 Peacemaker Award: Dr. Helen Caldicott
Local Honorees: Texans Together, Richard Shaw, Sylvia Gonzales, and Awanda Whitworth (special posthumous award)

2009 Peacemaker Award: Helen Thomas
Local Honorees: Ester King,  Col. Ann Wright, Houston Peace News, and the Progressive Forum Radio Show