Officers, Executive Committee, Committee Chairs

HPJC’s Executive Committee consists of six officers and four at-large members elected by the Board each year.

HPJC also has five working groups, each of which should have a chair, plus other committees to take care of regular work for the organization.

Here are our elected officers, other Executive Committee members, and Working Group and Committee Chairs for 2021. Please contact us if you’re interested in in chairing or co-chairing a Group or one of the open positions, or if you’d like to help with any of the working groups or committees listed below!


  • President:  Jeff Reese
  • Past President: Constance Gray
  • Vice President:  Cheryl Crosier
  • Treasurer:  Erica Sezonov
  • Recording Secretary:  Danielle Niangar
  • Communications Secretary:  Egberto Willies

Executive Committee Members At-Large:

  • Shawn McFarland
  • Aliene Adams
  • Martina Grifaldo
  • Roberto Sanchez

Working Group Chairs:

  • Foreign & Military Policy Work Group:  Joe Marcinkowski
  • Economic Justice Working Group:  Open
  • Environmental Justice Working Group:  Open
  • Children and Family Peace Education Working Group:  Judy Hoffhien
  • Criminal Justice & Human Rights Working Group:  Dave Atwood

Committee Chairs & Coordinators:

  • Peacemaker Awards Dinner Committee: Constance Gray
  • Membership Committee:  Open
  • Volunteer Coordinator:  Alyse Thomas
  • Development Director:  Open