Peacemaker Awards Citations for George Floyd Foundation & James Byrd Jr. Family

On Sunday, Nov. 7, 2021, HPJC and My Brother’s Keeper-Houston honored both the George Floyd Foundation and the James Byrd Jr. family during HPJC’s annual Peacemaker Awards Ceremony. The citations that were on the plaques, that HPJC and MBK gave to them, are both moving and poetic, and the full citations are below.

With our deepest gratitude and honor Houston Peace and Justice Center and My Brother’s Keeper Houston recognize:

The George Floyd Foundation

In his homegoing, as in life, George spread love.
The Foundation and his family are testaments to that well of love
from which George came and returned.

Family is our foundation and the wisdom that guides us.
It is fitting the family would memorialize his beautiful soul
with a different kind of foundation;
one that will bind the human family,
and continue to change the world as George did.

Thank you for giving voice to justice for George
by working for justice for all.

The James Byrd, Jr. Family

For keeping your hearts open in spite of the heartbreak;
For allowing love and wisdom to prevail;
For committing to education and anticipating community needs;
For leading as change-makers and love-givers;

We bow in gratitude and reverence
For a family that teaches us all the example of love in action,
By the lives each of you lead.

May we all learn and live by your example.
We appreciate and recognize your contributions to the world.
Thank you for being a healing balm.