“In the Halls of Justice”, “Justice wasn’t even in the Halls!”

In the “Halls of Justice”, “Justice wasn’t even in the Halls!”

Why, Criminal Justice Reform is Needed!

I’m writing to you, hoping you can help us (family and friends  of Arthur L. Williams).   After 36 years  of trying to get the media (especially in Texas), interested in FINALLY publishing  the TRUTH  regarding the trial of  Arthur L Williams.

Arthur’s case in general is a textbook example, why “Criminal Justice Reform” would be very difficult to achieve.  Arthur L Williams was  convicted of Capital Murder in 1982, following the  death of  Houston Detective Daryl  W Shirley.  To achieve this conviction the Prosecuting  Attorney’s Office, with the help of the Houston Police Department,  wanted to make sure, that a guilty verdict of “Capital Murder”  was enacted, along with  assuring everyone that  Detective Shirley had no fault in his own death.   

So this was the scenario at the start of the trial.  Arthur was first appointed  inexperienced attorneys who never tried a Capital Murder case,  Prosecuting lawyers were very experienced,  evidence that was ordered to be preserved was   destroyed  e.g  911  phone call, evidence was suppressed, Internal Affairs Files were not allowed to be reviewed,  intimidation of witnesses, along with eliminating all minorities from the jury (All White Jury)  just to name a few.

The most egregious of all  happen on 12.19.2018  when Arthur  waived  (will not get credit  for the 36 years of  being on “Death Row”)  for LIFE  plus a consecutive 60 YEARS!    This sentence will be enacted very soon. 

The Media of Texas  appears to support both the  Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the Houston Police Department, because for the last 36 years  Media had  no problem of showing indifference to the truth,  along with reporting very few verifiable facts when writing about the case.   

It’s been over 36 years, Arthur and his family/supporters throughout the years, have tried on numerous occasions to get the Truth addressed by the media, to  no avail. We feel it’s time for the  TRUTH  to be told, which is backed by verifiable facts  by anyone who cares to review the Court,  State, and Federal Appeals records.

Thanks for any help you can give us regarding this! 

Deborah L Williams