Words Are Cheap: This is How We Should Judge the Trump Presidency

Words Are Cheap:  This is How We Should Judge the Trump Presidency

Trump’s recent address to Congress was applauded by many people.  However, words are cheap and often misleading.   Results are the only thing that count.  This is how we should judge the Trump Presidency:   
*   Hate crimes against minorities in America will decrease. 
*   The U.S. will play a leading role in settling refugees from war-torn countries.        
*   The U.S. will pass a comprehensive immigration reform law that will ensure that immigrant families are not torn apart and will create a pathway to legal status.
*   The huge divide between the rich and the rest of society will shrink.   
*   The number of Americans living in poverty will shrink.  
*   Improvements in the nation’s infrastructure will provide jobs to millions of Americans.   
*   A “living wage” will be provided to all working people. 
*   Financial assistance will be provided to re-educate workers whose jobs become obsolete because of technology, outsourcing or other economic factors. 
*   Quality, affordable education through college will be made available to all children.    
*   Quality, affordable health care will be provided for all people living in our nation.   
*   Mental health services in the nation will improve.   
*   Pollution of the air, water and the earth will decrease. Clean, renewable energy sources will be promoted.  Nature and wildlife will be protected. 
*   Gun control will improve and incidences of gun violence will decrease.    
*   Crime, including human trafficking, will decrease.     
*   The criminal justice system will be reformed so that minorities and the poor are not discriminated against. Mass incarceration will be eliminated.  The death penalty will be abolished. 
*   World peace will be advanced through diplomacy and foreign aid.   The huge U.S. military budget will decrease, freeing up resources for social, educational and economic improvements.  
*   Democracy will increase. Voting will be made easier for all U.S. citizens.  The influence of money in elections and legislation will decrease.    
David Atwood
March 3, 2017