Houston Foreign Policy Alliance Wants Endorsements for new Resolution to Reform US Foreign Policy

The Houston Foreign Policy Alliance (HFPA) has released a resolution that they hope will get widespread support from all parts of the political spectrum, and which basically calls for greatly reducing US military spending and intervention, while relying more on diplomacy to resolve international disputes.

The HFPA is a new left-right convergence group, along the lines suggested by Ralph Nader and Ron Paul, that grew out of HPJC’s peace conference last spring.  It’s made up of Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians, and independents who agree US foreign military policy is often counterproductive, creates large amounts of blowback with very negative consequences to the US, is very wasteful of taxpayer dollars, and should be significantly changed.

For more details and to read and download the resolution, go to the HFPA web page.  Here’s the direct link to download the resolution.

Please help us to get endorsements by downloading the resolution, print copies (it’s all on one page), and bring them to organization meetings, conventions of your political party, etc., and ask that they endorse the resolution. Be sure to report back all endorsements – see the details at www.foreignpolicyalliance.org.