2014 HPJC Peacemaker Awards Dinner Celebrating Medea Benjamin, Sat. Nov 8

Celebrate these Local Peacemakers

Dr. Robert Bullard,  the father of environmental justice; The Station Museum Of Contemporary Art, home of daring, thought-provoking exhibits and events; Jannell Robles, Maria Xiquin, Dayana Gomez, Marianela Acuna, Silvia Chicas, young women who work for a better life for the Latino Community and all Houstonians.
Peace Love and Understanding

What's So Hard about Peace, Love, & Understanding?

The Houston Peace and Justice Center provides networks and resources for organizations and individuals to advance peace and social justice. We facilitate collaborations and resource pooling and build community among Houston's peace and justice activists.
Tar Sands Blockade in Action

HPJC Endorses the Nonviolent Direct Actions of the Tar Sands Blockade

HPJC endorses the blockade of the Keystone XL pipeline and the valiant, nonviolent direct actions by the Tar Sands Blockade.
Justice for Janitors, United, We Rise Together

Justice for Janitors

Join the Justice for Janitors campaign which has come to symbolize the inextricable link between the fight for worker's rights and the fight for immigration reform. United, We Rise Together.
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The Houston Peace and Justice Center provides networks and resources for organizations and individuals to advance peace and social justice. Learn more about who we are.

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Activist Toolkit
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Houston Peace & Justice Center mission statement
Individuals and organizations are encouraged to join HPJC in serving Houston’s communities to help shape our future and practice nonviolence in all walks of life. Join us today.

Gandhi’s Legacy: Houston Perspectives

Sunday, October 19, 2014 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Beginning October 2nd more than 20 Houston organizations are contributing to exhibits, presentations, celebrations, and discussions exploring nonviolence and the resonance of Mohandas Gandhi’s philosophy.  This is an initiative of the Menil Collection and details can be found at http://gandhislegacyhouston.org.  Here are just a very few of more than 16 events and exhibits that are a part of Gandhi's Legacy: A Houston Perspective:

October 2 - February 1 Experiments with Truth: Gandhi and Images of Nonviolence  at the Menil

Monday, Nov. 3  Rev James Lawson speaks on Recovering a Vision of Gandhi and His Meaning for the 21st Century at Riverside United Methodist Church

Beginning Monday Dec. 8 and for the next five days from 11 am to 5 pm each day, see the meditative creation of a mandala (cosmic diagram) made from colored sand by Buddhist monks in the Menil foyer.

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If you have an event that you want other progressives to know about, we want to help you get it on the online calendar for the Houston Peace and Justice Center.  Due to some problems we've had with event postings on our calendar, we've created a new form that we hope will be easier to use.

Events posted on our online calendar are also included in HPJC's e-mail calendar of upcoming events newsletter that goes out to over 3,000 people twice a month.  If you are not already getting that calendar of progressive events newsletter (it's free), you can sign up - enter your email address in the box near the bottom of the right column of our home page hpjc.org.

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Houston Cooperative Business Conference 2014

Saturday, December 6, 2014 - 9:00am - 5:00pm

Register Now! Creating Sustainable Jobs and Stable Communities for People and Planet

We invite you to join Transition Houston us for the Houston Cooperative Business Conference! Please consider telling a friend.

Amnesty International’s Annual Winter Social

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - 7:30pm - 8:30pm
You are invited to Amnesty International Local 23 Chapter's  Annual Winter Social, 
Tuesday, December 2, upstairs  in the Central Market Community Room (3815 Westheimer). 
Food, Drinks, Information, and the Opportunity to learn about the 10 initiatives we defend and support! 
Come meet our members & learn how you can make a difference locally and globally. 

Rejuvenate: Find Balance in the Bungalow - several different Multi-week series at Rothko, Oct. 15-Nov. 21

6 Weeks of Meditation Courses

The Rothko Chapel offers structured courses for those wanting to cultivate relaxation or deepen their concentration through contemplative practices. Starting in October 2014, participants can either join a series or drop-in for individual classes aimed at enriching their awareness and mindfulness through meditation. Led by experienced teachers, these courses represent a variety of modalities to center and quiet the mind.

Please note: All classes will be held in the Rothko Chapel Office Annex bungalow at 1415 Sul Ross St.

The charge for the courses is as follows:

  • Drop-in cost $12, Rothko Chapel Members $10
  • Per Series $60, Rothko Chapel Members $50
  • Any class, any time- $100, Rothko Chapel Members $90

Click on the links below for more details about each series.  Each is led by a different person, on a different day of the week or time, so you can choose from any of these.

Moments of Spirituality and Healing

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Christian Meditation
Sister Adeline  O'Donoghue
Suggested donation $10
To register, please click HERE.

The series is co-sponsored by Ligmincha Texas Institute, The Jung Center of Houston, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the Rothko Chapel.

Location : Rothko Chapel

Twilight Meditation

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Christian Contemplative Taize Concert
Location : Rothko Chapel,  Kinley Lange
Suggested donation $10
To register, please click HERE.

Taizé worship, originating from France, incorporates music and prayers with songs in many languages, including chants and icons from the Eastern Orthodox tradition.

Why doesn't the USA address its obvious human rights abuses?

On December 10 of each year,  we celebrate the anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was passed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 10, 1948. 

The Universal Declaration was a wonderful step forward for the world community.   However, it is disturbing that human rights seem to have a very low priority in the United States at this time.  Consider a recent vote in the U.S. Senate where the U.N. Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities was not ratified.   This shows what a sad state we find ourselves when it comes to basic human rights.

Action Needed: Tell Obama NO TO WAR

Please take a few minutes to write (short) notes to President Obama, your Congresspersons, and your local newspaper about Obama's plan to try to bomb our way to peace.

But first, read this article by Stephen Miles (of Win Without War) that was reprinted in the Huffington Post:

What Obama Should Have Said: Alternatives to Another War


On Wednesday night, President Obama addressed the nation to unveil his strategy for confronting the violent extremists of ISIS (also called ISIL or Islamic State). While the President outlined a four-point plan, the central focus of his strategy is an increased military intervention in Iraq, where we have already launched over 150 airstrikes and deployed over 1,100 ground troops over the past few weeks, and an expansion of that air war into Syria. We are also sending 475 more American troops to join the roughly 1,100 already on the ground in Iraq. While the professional punditry has busied itself debating just how many bombs should fall and where, we should be asking ourselves, is American military force really the smartest way to address the threat we face from ISIS?

The clear answer is no.

American bombs simply cannot eliminate the threat of ISIS and may indeed make the conflicts in Iraq and Syria worse and harder to solve. Fortunately, we have alternatives, and, while they lack the immediacy of bombing, they are ultimately far more effective in keeping America safe, protecting innocent lives and crippling violent extremists.

Also, here's the Win Without War web page with some great statements by other organizations opposed to Obama's plan for using the military:  http://winwithoutwar.org/coalition-statements-isis/

HPJC Statement on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and BDS Endorsement

The Houston Peace and Justice Center has consistently been a strong proponent of nonviolent solutions for conflicts, whether they be personal, local, national, or international conflicts.  We detest the United States' over-reliance on military force in attempts to solve international problems, and realize that often use of such force results in more violence, and more suffering and casualties by civilians, while actually fomenting more hatred and distrust of the US and encouraging terrorism.  We recognize that the US has often acted as a bully by using military force in both covert and overt operations, not because there was a threat to the US, but for political or economic reasons.  That needs to stop.  Further, we should stop encouraging other countries to be bullies.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been going on for many years and we do not see an end to it without annihilation of one side or the other (which we certainly do not want), unless effective pressure is put on perpetuators of the conflict to change the factors that continue to generate violence.

(If you are reading this on the HPJC home page, click the title of this article, or the Read More link below, for the entire statement and the resolution approved by the HPJC Board.)

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